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EUS FNB Expert Webinar in Russia

2 hours. 2 experts. More than 500 visitors.

EUS guided biopsy is already known for being a real game changer in endosonography and flexible endoscopy. After the launch of the Medi-Globe fine needle biopsy system, SonoTip TopGain FNB, we have additionally published a brand new case report on the use of the FNB-system and now have initiated an expert webinar and expert discussion on fine needle biopsy.


Topics which have been discussed:

·         Why do you get more tissue with crown cut needles?

·         What are typical indications to use EUS-FNB procedures for?

·         What is a typical algorithm for tissue acquisition (pancreatic lesions)?

·         What are expert tips and tricks for fine needle biopsy?

·         What do experts say on EUS-FNB procedures and the pathology results?

From Idea to State of the Art.

To introduce the topic accordingly, Prof. Peter Vilmann, well-known expert in endoscopic ultrasound and creator of ideas and developer of the most significant product solutions in this field, firstly gave a brief overview on the evolution of endoscopic ultrasound. From the very first steps in the 1980’s to where we are now. 

Prof. Peter Vilmann on past, present and future of EUS guided tissue acquisition

Subsequently, the areas of application and clinical experience with the SonoTip TopGain needle were discussed in detail.

Prof. Peter Vilmann on clinical experience with the SonoTip TopGain FNB needle

Cytology vs. Histology

It was clearly laid out, when in need for cellular material for molecular analysis, FNB is the preferred method. Another live demonstration of an EUS guided fine needle biopsy performed by Prof Malihova, Russian expert on EUS guided procedures, also underlined this fact.

Education matters…

…especially in times like these, where there are less procedures performed, our physicians have less time for training. To support them in the best possible way, expert webinars can be strong tools to commonly share best practice and knowledge across space and time borders.

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