Medi-Globe products are first-choice products for gastroenterologists, urologists and pulmonologists due to their superior quality, ease of use and reasonable price.



For more than 30 years, Medi-Globe has offered a wide range of innovative, flexible endoscopic devices, instruments ...




Medi-Globe is one of the leading medical technology manufacturers in the area of minimally invasive ...




At Medi-Globe we also develop and manufacture a wide range of innovative, flexible endoscopic devices ...


Other areas of specialization

Other areas of specialization

The Medi-Globe Group, with its affiliates Asid Bonz in Germany and Asept InMed in France ...

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The Medi-Globe Group is dedicated to developing and marketing innovative state-of-the-art medical diagnostic and treatment solutions. Around the globe, our products ease the work of physicians and as a result benefit our patients. 


In Gastroenterology, Urology and Pulmonology, the Medi-Globe Group enables medical professionals to treat patients with high-quality medical technology for minimally invasive therapies. We provide products and systems that continuously improve both efficiency and high-quality results. Our business ethics commit us to the highest level of responsible ecological, social and economic business practices.

Key Facts


Headquartered in Achenmuehle near Munich, Germany


More than 600 employees, e.g. in Germany, the Czech Republic, China, Brazil, France and Austria


Large-scale, state-of-the-art clean room manufacturing in Hranice, Czech Republic


Continuous investments in innovative products and quality


Permanent expansion of global presence and business development


Continuous and profitable growth

The history and evolution of the Medi-Globe Group



Medi-Globe Corporation was established in the USA as a medical device sales and distribution company


Focus on minimally-invasive surgery medical devices via the acquisition of GIP Medizintechnik GmbH (Germany)


Acquisition of Endo-Flex GmbH (Germany)


Acquisition of Asid Bonz GmbH (Germany) and Asept InMed SAS (France) to strengthen the direct presence in Western Europe


Acquisition of UroVision GmbH (Germany). Along with UroVision the firm acquired a Czech Republic manufacturing facility, subsequently renamed as Medi-Globe s.r.o


Transformation of Medi-Globe s.r.o. to the group’s primary manufacturing facility for all gastroenterology and urology companies (Medi-Globe, Endo-Flex, Urovision)


Acquisition of Endo-Technik GmbH (Germany) and UROTECH GmbH (Germany).
Renaming of GIP Medizin Technik to Medi-Globe GmbH


Acquisition of Tüshaus GmbH (Germany) and integration into Asid Bonz GmbH.


Medi-Globe Group is acquired by Duke Street to fund further growth and innovation


We take our responsibility for developing, manufacturing and marketing instruments for the benefit of patients seriously. In doing so, we strive to sustain and measurably improve the quality and performance of our products, services, and processes.

Certificates, product registrations and import licenses

In addition to being ISO 13485:2016 certified, all our products bear the CE mark. Furthermore, we operate in full compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and all requirements of international health systems such as, but not limited to, the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA), the Canadian Medical Device Regulations (CMDR), and the Japanese Pharmaceutical Affairs Law (JPAL).



Martin Lehner

Chief Executive Officer

Martin Lehner, born in 1968 holds an a degree in business administration from the Hochschule Kempten (Germany). He is an experienced CEO and has worked in this function over 10 years for several private equity portfolio and public companies in the med-tech, telemedicine and B2B industry. He is in charge for Strategy, Sales, Marketing, R&D as well as Human Resources.


Christian Klein

Chief Operating Officer

Christian Klein, born in 1970, holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Bochum (Germany) and an MSc in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Surrey (UK). He is an experienced senior commercial and transformation manager who has worked within the medical devices and life sciences industry for more than 15 years. He joined the Medi-Globe Group as COO with responsibilities for Production, Supply Chain Management, QA & RA and the Strategic Business Units.


Dr. Nikolaus König

Chief Financial Officer

Nikolaus König, born in 1969, studied Business Administration at the University of Graz (Austria) and International Management at the University of Lyon (France). He holds a doctorate in Business Administration and is a certified public accountant (Wirtschaftsprüfer).
In January 2017 he joined the Medi-Globe Group as CFO with responsibilities for Finance, Controlling, Legal and IT.

Our Values

Our first responsibility is with physicians, nurses and patients. Everything we do for them is of the highest quality. We also take full responsibility for our employees worldwide and treat everyone with dignity and respect.

Our SPIRIT of Innovation best describes what we stand for.

First Service Service For us, service means customer-focused trading and continuously striving to support our valued clients worldwide. We analyze the needs of our customers and operate proactively, serving them promptly and accurately. We answer inquiries reliably and bindingly. This allows us to sustainably increase customer benefits and customer satisfaction. Perfomance Performance For us, performance means the joint development of ecological, ethical and social goals for the success of the company and its customers. We involve the workforce in our planning, strategies and decisions, considering them our most important resource. Without pressure, we deploy our employees according to their talents and offer them continuous training. We take advantage of the potential offered by digital transformation. Overall, we secure our success as well as that of our customers and partners. Innovation Innovation Innovation determines and drives the expansion of our leading market position. We develop and market highest-quality innovative medical technology solutions, taking market trends into account at an early stage. We open the innovation process to the outside world by involving partners and users in idea creation and realization. Through innovation, we secure competitive advantages for ourselves and for our clients. Responsibility Responsibility Our responsibility goes far beyond economic success and environmental sustainability. We strive to keep the balance between the environment, people and profit through ecologically, socially and economically compatible actions. We treat our employees, partners and competitors just as consciously as we treat our environmental responsibility. This enhances our internal and external image and our appeal as an employer. Intergrity Integrity Through integrity we create identity and loyalty. We comply with laws, guidelines and rules. Respect and esteem for all motives and external parties are a matter of course for us, as is the equal treatment of all people. Employees, customers and suppliers can rely on us as a role model. We create a common identity and establish trust in our company. Teamwork Teamwork We see teamwork as fair cooperation and coexistence of dynamic groups across borders. We encourage entrepreneurial thinking and create an atmosphere of trust. Our employees are characterized by continuous learning. We are willing to share our knowledge and experience with one other. By pooling our strengths, we optimize processes and increase the willingness of our employees to perform for our mutual success.


Why Medi-Globe

The Medi-Globe Group is an excellent employer. Our employees are committed to delivering the best performance, in the knowledge that Medi-Globe strives to make a significant contribution. Our corporate goals are ambitious and demanding. We recognize our differences and stand by those who share our passion and vision.


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