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Key Growth Drivers in MedTech

Innovative strength and product quality are core

The medical technology sector is considered to be particularly innovative, fast-growing and promising. The products used have a wide range of applications in diagnostics and therapy. Today, no area of modern medicine can do without innovative technology. In recent years, innovative techniques such as minimally invasive procedures, robot-assisted surgery and the use of artificial intelligence (AI) have helped doctors save many lives and improve the quality of life of patients worldwide.


Marc Jablonowski, CTIO Med-Globe Group:

„Innovative strength and product quality are the core elements. Zero defect tolerance is the highest possible quality target for manufacturers. Accordingly, medical technology is heavily regulated and controlled by European and national regulatory authorities. Nevertheless, the industry has an outstanding record of innovation: in Germany and Europe, no other economic sector is granted more patents than medical technology. Through close collaboration between clinicians and medical technology companies, ideas are generated that are transformed by well-trained engineers into concepts and ultimately innovative products.“

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