Support for Ethiopia

2020 – A year of support!

For the first time ever the Medi Globe Group took part in the „Global Health Challenge“, a project of the Technical University Munich.

„Global Health Challenge“ – What exactly is that?

The so called GHC is organized by the Technical University Munich and is a official competition for medical students. The students are to solve problems that inhibit medical supply in developing countries in an innovative way. The best idea wins!

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This year, everything is different

Due to the Corona Pandemic, GHC had to make some changes to its event. The event took place purely digitally, and the actual character of it, which had been characterized by pitches and competitions by the students in previous years, also had to be reconsidered.

Therefore, the TU Munich decided to place the GHC 2020 under the motto „Corona“. This gave the students another opportunity to develop and elaborate new ideas and concepts.

Groups on the topics „respiratory masks“, „respirators“ and „protective equipment“ were formed quickly. Soon it was clear that practical assistance was the main focus for the students this year.

The results

In the end, a really great concept was able to prevail: Protective masks made of conventional coffee filters, which offer the same protection as professional masks.

The self-developed masks are going to go to the developing country Ethiopia, in order to help the people there in their fight against the corona virus.

What could we contribute to it?

As a partner and sponsor of the GHC, the Medi-Globe Group decided to donate to the mentioned project, so that basic medical equipment, such as face-protection-masks, can also be provided in developing countries.

The project „Masks for Ethiopia“ has already been launched. In the meantime, half a million face masks have been developed and shipped, thanks to our donation. The masks will be fully assembled in the coming weeks and will then be handed over to the national Ministry of Health in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, for corona control.

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