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Simulation of real surgical techniques and extensive product application testing

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We have opened our own training and virtual test laboratory at our headquarters in Achenmühle, Germany. The Medi-Globe Group Campus (MGG Campus) has state-of-the-art equipment with which the company is further expanding its role as an innovative leader in medical technology.

In the future, innovative product ideas for the global customers of the Medi-Globe Group will be tested and optimized with the help of IT-controlled laboratory technology. Another important area in the new campus is the virtual product training for clinicians who will get their own online access to the Campus and can, therefore, get trained digitally. The new facility is also used for external and internal webinars and training courses.

Arzt und Assistenz führt Gastroenterologischen Eingriff durch

Medi-Globe Group CEO Martin Lehner:

“The MGG Campus stands for the strategic importance that the Medi-Globe Group attaches to innovation management and the training of customers and employees. The state-of-the-art digitized room enables product application testing and the learning of minimally invasive diagnostic and therapeutic procedures under almost real conditions. The campus is a kind of ‚real-life laboratory‘ at the interface between our development department and clinicians in urology, gastroenterology and pneumology worldwide.“

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